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Submit your Abuela Story - Terms & Conditions

* By submitting this poem/story, I am affirming that I have written the poem/story, it is my own original work and has not been copied or plagiarized.

* I grant Robleswrites Productions the non-exclusive publishing rights to publish my poem/story, I retain the copyright of the individual poem/story that I submit.

* I understand and consent that my poem may be published always as my original work and under my own copyright by Robleswrites Productions, however it sees fit, including but not limited to distributing it in any format on its websites, through email, RSS feeds, Mobile Apps or any affiliated Social Media platforms.

* I understand that Robleswrites Productions owns the copyright of the concept “Abuela Stories” and the overall project as presented herein and derivatives of “Abuela Stories”.

* I understand that the “Abuela Stories” website is a digital archive of submitted work and the submitted work will remain on the site, so long as Robleswrites Productions agrees to provide this digital archive to the public or at its sole discretion. 

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