Honored to be part of this year’s
Dodge Poetry Festival 

Aimee Nezhukumatathil*
Tiana Nobile
Cynthia Dewi Oka
Sharon Olds*
Yamini Pathak
Willie Perdomo*
Deborah Pless
Iain Haley Pollok
Anastacia Renee
Peggy Robles-Alvarado
Edythe Rodriguez
Patrick Rosal*

David St. John**
Carey Salerno
Terisa Siagatonu
Jake Skeets
Tom Sleigh*
Patricia Smith*
Tracy K. Smith**
Ras Heru Stewart
Daniel B. Summerhill
Natasha Trethewey**
Han VanderHart

BIG OTHER’s Puerto Rican Writers Folio

Join us for an evening of readings from BIG OTHER’s
Puerto Rican Writers Folio: A Hauntology!

Hosted by publishing editor John Madera, the
evening will feature readings from the folio


  • Carmen Bardeguez-Brown
  • Michele Carlo
  • Joey De Jesus
  • Lyn Di lorio
  • James W. Fuerst
  • Robert Lopez
  • Jennifer Maritza McCauley
  • Ernesto Quihonez
  • Dimitri Reyes
  • Charles Rice-Gonzalez
  • Peggy Robles-Alvarado

‘Mindful Masculinity: Balancing Male Divinity’ — a series of 3 writing workshops led by Paul LaTorre that focuses on the balance between the divine feminine masculine for those who identify as male. This workshop will feature work from non-binary and masculine/male poets who stress themes of cultural identity/representation, toxic or oppressive masculinity, mental health and healing, trauma, and survivorship. This will be an open, embracing space where those who identify as men can come to generate poetry by exploring generational wounds and sorting through cultural and historical traumas along with personal experiences.

The Acentos Book Prize for Latinx/Latine authors is now accepting manuscripts

The Acentos Book Prize for Latinx/Latine authors is now accepting manuscripts across all genres through the end of July. Prize judge Peggy Robles-Alvarado is excited to read books from you that are “risky, unapologetic storytelling in form, language, and content that doesn’t cater to a limited status quo but instead radically claims and celebrates what is most native to its core. Speak to me of barrios, baddies, and bateys in an amalgamation of reclaimed mother tongue and found language.”

Winning manuscript will be published under the new Nomadic Press imprint Acentos. Learn more about the prize, guidelines, and the judges here: https://bit.ly/AcentosBook