This is the most beautiful project I have been blessed to be a part of!

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She is doing amazing work with her project

-When They Have Their Own Historians-

A multidisciplinary, multisensory, all femme, creative experience!

I am in deep gratitude to Fei for including my poem -Why I Avoid Writing About Birds-

(This poem was originally published by @johnmadera1 in Big Other – Puerto Rican Writers Folio – A Hauntology)

The project is stunning and the package itself is a sensory delight! Each poem is accompanied by original artwork!

The Acentos Book Prize for Latinx/Latine authors is now accepting manuscripts

The Acentos Book Prize for Latinx/Latine authors is now accepting manuscripts across all genres through the end of July. Prize judge Peggy Robles-Alvarado is excited to read books from you that are “risky, unapologetic storytelling in form, language, and content that doesn’t cater to a limited status quo but instead radically claims and celebrates what is most native to its core. Speak to me of barrios, baddies, and bateys in an amalgamation of reclaimed mother tongue and found language.”

Winning manuscript will be published under the new Nomadic Press imprint Acentos. Learn more about the prize, guidelines, and the judges here:

Coke No Rum: A Palindrome

Thank you @pigeonpagesnyc for publishing Coke No Rum: A Palindrome

after @warsanshiree with Artwork by @alinamnatsakanian8884

This poem is from
my manuscript in progress.
Writing about you
is the only way your
Selfish Daughter
knows how to
keep you close
and let you go all at once.
This is how I open
my balled fists,
ease them into prayer
before pressing pen to paper.
This is how you
rise and fall
at my chest.

This is MAGIC