Shihan Candy Warixi Soto

Shihan Candy Warixi Soto is a Boricua woman born on the Island of Manhattan in deep love with Taino Culture and history. She is the creator and founder of "The Taino Awards" and the director, creator and founder of (F.A.S.T.) "Female Alternative Street Tactics" and "Secure Your Child"- two programs created to empower women and children through urban awareness and self defense. She is also a Multi- Martial Arts "Hall of Fame" honoree and a high ranking martial Artist tiled a “Kaiden” in “Miyama Ryu Combat Ju-Jutsu ''- the highest rank awarded in this system. Shihan Candy Warixi is a kidney donor who loves people, honors our differences, and respects nature, elders, and children. She is a spiritual being having a human experience. 

La llamada

I called you today
You didn’t pick up
Missed your voice

Hoy te llamé
No contestastes la llamada
No recordé que ya contigo no hay manaña

Te fuistes sin decirme adiós
Y recordé que estas en sitio mejor
Me olvide
Quise decir, hablarte, oírte
Tan siquiera una vez

Te llamé
Cerré los ojos y recordé
Que ya en vida no te volveré a ver
Quise hablarte de estos sentimientos
Pero ya no tendremos esos momentos

Te llamé
Te llamé porque me haces falta
Nunca habrá nadie como tu

Te llamé para hablar, bochinchar, decir chistes y reír
Ya no estas
me dejastes triste
No hay con quien compartir

----------------------------------------------- // ---------------------------------------------------------

Worth Saving

Wow it’s been 50 years,
and I still cry and feel for that 18 year old
The baby with a baby
Falling in love
At 17 getting pregnant
Widowed before baby, before marriage
Stab wounds, Junkies in the dark
That didn’t stop them
I got thrown out
Thrown out ‘cause I was pregnant
Following some old school “Can’t get pregnant in my house” shit
No sympathy, no love
I became a statistic
Another Puerto Rican girl,
knocked up,
thrown out
Left to whatever will be,
will be
Learning to survive
Its okay, I got wiser from the lessons
Mistakes made that cut right through me
So many sad days and nights
I remember the grooves ingrained like highways
running down my cheeks
From washing my face with tears every morning
and crying myself to sleep
Thank goodness for protections
They thought I was worth saving
Guides, guardians and angels healed me
Ancestors wrapped me in their arms
Creator made me strong
I was able to make it
Make it on my own 

----------------------------------------------- // ---------------------------------------------------------

Feeling the effect

Manteca or Heroin
By any fucking name

The same

The same destructive bullshit
Makes lifetimes with a habit
watching from the outside

All the self destruction

Killing themselves
Killing me too
It's killing me
I can’t save them
Nothing I can do

The pain of feeling helpless
disgust and pain

Also dying slowly
Sadness of waiting in vain

Truth be told,
emotions tangled
It's insane
This is a killer by any fucking name 

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