Massiel Alfonso

Massiel Alfonso is a 25-year-old Dominican writer, poet, and author of the books, Handful of Poems and Puñado de Poemas. Her books uncover the aftermath of a broken heart and the stages of heartbreak. In 2021, Massiel was published in Poetry Undressed and performed at Spanglish Voces Open Mic. Forthcoming this year, Massiel’s work will be published in Spanglish Voces and Elle Leva Magazine. Massiel currently resides in New Jersey and you can find her on Instagram @mas_si_el.

No Soy Gringa

I know you by,
el odio que tu llevas por dentro
Cuando me miras y te acuerdas
que eres negro

I know you by, the hate in your eyes
and the tan lines on your skin
Te conozco por la mirada, you give the shape of my lips
or is it the curl patterns in my hair?
What is it? Is it too, Black?
No Soy Gringa, even if the color of my eyes resembles
the color of the trees, even if the sun
only burns the top layer of my skin,
Te conozco por el odio
que tu llevas por dentro
No sunblock could ever cure the burn in your heart
Porque tú, yo, ella, él,
somos Negro. 

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