Joanna Lugo

Joanna Lugo is a performance artist, writer, director, and DiaspoRican deviant. Works: Director, Play at Home, Woolly Mammoth Theatre; Co-Director, Project/Project 2020, NYU; Associate Director, Esai’s Table, Cherry Lane Theatre; Associate Director/Dramaturg, Fairview, Woolly Mammoth Theatre; Writer/Director, Quare, The MAC; Interim Artistic Producer, Dallas Theater Center; Performer, Only in Your Way, DiverseWorks; Writer/Performer, Perdido Y, Dallas Museum of Art; Co-Author, “Still Here, Still Enraged: A Manifesto”, HowlRound Theater Commons. Joanna is a 2021 NALAC Leadership Institute Fellow, Cum Laude graduate, and a “Horizon Award”, “Thesis of the Year”, and “Outstanding Performance by a Graduate Student” recipient for her germinal work.

DiaspoRican: Joanna Lugo


I am a product of assimilation
Hija de Atabey
Descendant of colonizer
Heir of occupied land
Inheritor of ancestral trauma

I am genocide of Tainos
Enslavement of Yorubans
The white washing, culture eradicating
Erasure of Puerto Rico

Yo soy una mezcla de mis antepasados
Betwixt and between
Personal yet political
A well-researched definition of cultural ephemerality

I am one corporeality in which the oppressor and oppressed cohabitate
A poorly sutured quilt of identity
A visitor fluent in Spanglish, el idioma de ambos imperialistas
A revolution never quite achieved

Sin embargo, yo soy la libertad que se esta formando
A practice of resilience
Embodiment of ¡Pa’lante!
Los sueños que mis padres nunca tuvieron

Yo soy Boricua
Pa’ que tu lo sepas 

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