Dr. Melinda González

Dr. Melinda González, a native of Newark, New Jersey with ancestral home in Moca, Puerto Rico, is an Afro-Indigenous scholar-activist-poet of Puerto Rican descent. She has performed poetry internationally under the name Poeta Guerrera and can be found on Instagram under the handle @LaPoetaGuerrera. She has been published in several literary journals and self-published two poetry books – Ramas y Raices (Branches & Roots) and ReConstruct. Melinda is, also, a socio-cultural anthropologist, focused on environmental anthropology, whose work maps how disaster is differentially distributed across race, class, and gender, and she brings decolonial and indigenous research methods to environmental justice studies.

Ser Madre

i made a microphone of her hand, today
we - strolling - windows down
radio loud
belting bonnie tyler tunes
she smiled, giggled, laughed
me and she
betwixt the we, the pavement of the street,
and the warm wind caressing our faces
i felt healed and healing
sometimes, a child myself
that's what this mothering does

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