The Abuela Stories Project

Highlights the essence of Abuelas, their guidance, distinctive personalities, and detriments through original works of poetry, prose and photography

Mujeres, The Magic, The Movement and The Muse: An Anthology of Women Writers

The Movement and The Muse is an anthology by 13 women writers that honors the body as storyteller and soothsayer.

Conversations With My Skin

A poignant and powerful transformation from a pregnant fifteen year old girl scarred by relationship abuse and her resiliency as she evolved into a woman.

Homenaje a las Guerreras

The Movement and The Muse is an anthology by 13 women writers that honors the body as storyteller and soothsayer.


"Conversations With my Skin by Peggy Robles-Alvarado is a powerful little book of poetry, beautifully written by a beautiful soul. I've known people who have made the difficult journey of young motherhood, but Robles-Alvarado brilliantly succeeds in capturing emotions in a way that makes you truly care about the hopes and struggles of young women everywhere. Magical. A must for every poetry collection."

Carlos Aleman Author of As Happy As Ling, New York

"Your book.... beautiful, important, honest, balanced, and an amazing gift to have in my possession, I hope it serves you for a very long time and that it is just the first of many more to come. THANK YOU!!!!!!!"

Rock Wilk Writer and Performer of BROKE WIDE OPEN

"She is an amazing woman and her work is just as equally amazing. To know her thru her words, takes you on a trip of emotions and the wisdom provided will be carried forever. I'm really proud of Peggy and with what she has accomplished."

Jason Hernandez Majestik Originality, Author of Verses/Poetry: (Inside the mind of an Emcee/Poet)

"Peggy Robles-Alvarado is a consummate Poet. Her being a cute Latina only adds an edge to, what I call, her very "raw-truth style". She can seduce your mind with some wild erotic poem that makes the crowd gasp and laugh at once or have guys glance @ the exit signs, for safety reasons, when performing one of her works on Domestic Violence. No doubt she has energy, effervesence and is a polished writer. But don't take my word on it, GO SEE HER, you'll leave excited, with lots of food for thought and a renewed love for the Art of Poetry. Expect great things ahead from this Latina Vixen, she's as real as it gets!"

Jaime "The Maestro" Emeric

"Peggy love the book it is so raw yet fortifying it demonstrates your resiliency. Your love as a mother is inspirational and though your journey has not been easy you have shared it in a very poised manner ♥ Statistically Speaking is one of my favorites keep pushing against all odds."

Ana Valdez

"I think of a quote from a movie that best describes my mother: "Mother is the name for God in the lips and hearts of all children." You remind of her. That is meant as the greatest compliment I have ever given to another living soul. Thank you for your work!"

Yojani "Hija de Carmelita Puentes Hernandez-Gregory"

Beautifully Vivid Journey. "Conversations With My Skin speaks of inner beauty and strength. Once you open this book, you will not be able to put it down until it is finished! The author's words detailing her journey into womanhood and motherhood spoke of pain and hope. The vivid details took me through a rollercoaster of emotions that ended with a hopeful and triumphant feeling. This author did not allow her unfortunate and abusive situation to define her. In fact, she was empowered by it. I appreciate this author for being so open and honest. I know someone will benefit from it. She is truly an inspiration and I am honored to have been able to read HERstory. This book is only the beginning for Peggy Robles-Alvarado! I can't wait for what is to come!"

Teena --

"My name is Elvira and I loved the book! I am happy to say that you inspired me to write again. The book was very touching and this experience has allowed to me to push my sister and have her perform soon. I'm looking forward and hope that the other poems you read on Fri come out on a second book. I am glad I was able to meet you. Two of your poems touched my sister and I in a very sentimental way. And I would appreciate it if when you come out with your next book if you can please notify me. You don't understand how much we loved and enjoyed your words. We have become your fan now and I hope to see you perform again. Thank you for your words!"

Elvira Quinteros --

"Emotional Explosion in a Petite Package! The author manages to take you on a trip down memory lane with a melodious rhythm in each poem. You walk hand in hand as she depicts her experiences as teenager forcefully thrust into motherhood. From the very beginning you will be flooded with a range of emotions that leave you with tears in your eyes. It's a wonderfully explicit book that hopefully will inspire triumph in other young mothers."

D.D. --

"This book was wonderful I connected with Peggy's experience. It was as if she wrote the book completely for me and I enjoyed reading every minute of it. Knowing that she went through so much hardship at MY age lets me know that I can connect with her on levels that I can't connect with other people. Also the fact that it was written in poetic form attracts me even more because I personally adore poetry and write my feelings out myself."

Jade Riley 14 years old

"Conversations With My Skin is courageous, raw, honest and vulnerable. This book cuts right to your core. The title is perfect. It felt as if I was beneath the author's skin hearing her private conversations, her cries, her prayers, her hopes and her wishes as a woman and as a mother for her daughter. This is a brave account of the rollercoaster ride that a young mother must go through while growing into her skin and getting to that place of being comfortable in the skin she's in. This is a beautiful book... a must read."

Teena -

"I read this book in one sitting! It is inspirational in so many ways. It should be the national anthem for teens & women throughout. I cried, I felt the emotions that the author was going through & was in awe. The book was uplifting & positive on so many levels. A DEFINITE MUST READ..."

Flora "La Poeta Montes"

"I wanted to Thank Peggy Robles Alvarado for inspiring me to write my first poem. I met her at a Poetry reading in NYC Port Authority this past week. Her poetry and expression of passion for how she felt was inspirational. For I am an Artist 1st, a musician 2nd and now I will become a Poet 3rd. Thank you!! Amorsita! You opened up a field of dreams that now will be written."

Tommy Montanez -