7 Days of Writing As Adura

A Digital Workbook
By Iya Peggy Adétóún Robles-Alvarado

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Adura or prayer is essential in manifesting what we wish to create. Our spoken and written words as well as the ashé or life force energy we embody transform energy and foster a relationship with our Ancestors, Spirit Guides, and Divine Creators. Oftentimes, adura emerges while we use the creative gifts we were given along with the narratives we carry in our blood, mouths, and marrow.

This digital workbook encourages users to meditate on a quote by a writer of color and then use the prompts provided to create their own affirmations, musings, or mantras in poetry, prose, or any writing style their words wish to reveal themselves in. I encourage you to use the divine magic within you to write aduras. We are all storytellers. Let's use our stories and adura for personal expansion and evolution.

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