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yes, it's personal!

Need a webpage/website or need graphic/illustration, logo design? I can help.

Get amazing results, high quality graphic design and Illustrations. Hire a freelance web developer/designer - Pay when 100% satisfied.

I can help you with visual brand identity such as, logo designs, business cards, brochures, flyers, ads, company letterhead & envelopes, booklets, catalogs, invitations.

I don't just work for my clients, I collaborate with my clients. Full communication - phone, emails, texting during and after projects are completed. A good working rationship is a priority.

Millions turn to freelancers for small business or personal projects and turn ideas onto reality.

Get your project started today!

– Custom webpage / website design
– Personal or small business
– Setup and administration
– Logos & Illustrations
– Business Forms – PDF
– Computer repair & upgrade
– Hardware & Software installation
– Custom computer system
– Consulting – Don‘t know what to buy?

What's your design style? Make it yours! Make it personal!


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Creative Process

Everyone's creative process is different. Every project outcome will be different.

Before starting a project, much though has to be giving as to which way to go.

Information from clients guides me, but clients often don’t know what they want or may have an unclear idea of what they would like. So I present different options, mostly to get feedback and take it from there.

I use the internet for research. And the search begins for the right template, the perfect colors, graphics and text.

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Logo & Identity Design

a Logo immediately identifies you and/or your company and in many cases, the products and services you provide.

Simple, complex, abstract, spiritual, unforgettable, your symbol, your choice.

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The internet is where everyone goes to find you and learn about you or your products and services.

Not having a webpage/website means you are missing out on potential customers.

"Too expensive" someone said to me once. Missing potential sales can be costly.

A domain name and hosting for 2 years is about $50.00. Plus design cost which can vary depending on your project, but on average $500.00.

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There are many websites that will let you sell your products and services on the internet. E.g., and many others.

But you can also have your own e-commerce website. Again, not that expensive. You can use to handle your credit card transactions for free or small fee.

I do not have experice with large e-commerce, but if you have a small project, I can help you.

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Responsive & Mobile

The amount of mobile traffic today accounts for more than half of total internet traffic. As a result, responsive & mobile compatibility web design has become the standard.

It's difficult if not impossible to have a website that is compatible with all devices and all browsers - there are just too many variables. The best you can hope for is a site that adapts dynamically to most devices and browsers.

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User Experience

Most websites are visited for a few seconds. Visitors just lose interest or get annoyed.

I will immediately exit a site that has pop-ups, tons of adverting and other annoyances. Don't do that to your visitors/clients.

A web experience should be pleasant and to the point. This is where a responsive design comes into play.

If the material is not useful, valuable and accessible, reconsider it.

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Email Marketing

This could be an excellent tool or your worst nightmare. No one likes to receive junk mail.

Cleaning your inbox from junk is tedious! I have to delete and block tons of junk mail and they just keep coming.

Collecting emails from subscribers who agree to receive your correspondence is the best to approach this. Using other methods to promote your website is also a better choice than unsolicited advertising.

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